Currently we have a number of PC's within the company that use SolidWorks. These machines are all licenses individually. When SP3 2018 releases we want to be able to integrate this into the company using an admin image rather than the way we have currently got it set up.


I need help starting off this process- who do I talk to and what can I as an admin at the company do to assist in a swift and efficient change over in our licensing while installing SP3 onto all those machines that need the software.


Any help is greatly appreciated!





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Last comment By: Paul Wyndham   Wed, 16 May 2018 20:23:18 GMT
Re: What is the best way to go about implementing SW 2018 SP3 (as an admin image) into a business that already has SW set up with per machine licenses?

When you create the admin image you can create configurations for the different computer names. In those configurations input the serial number you want it to use.



Then when the installer is launched on that machine it will pull the config with the correct serial number in it.



Otherwise pay to have a network license created then have all your standalone licenses consolidated into the serial number. Then install the license manager on a server and have all the clients use the same serial number and point to the port@hostname server.


Of course I randomly typed in some serial numbers for this screenshot.



By: Paul Wyndham  Wed, 16 May 2018 20:23:18 GMT
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