I am trying to save a 3d model made in solidworks with appearances and decals in another format but it doesn't work for me.
Is there something I can do about this ?

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Last comment By: Mohammed Menzo   Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:26:59 GMT
Re: saving textures in other file formats

Generally speaking, surface textures (which include decals) don't transfer well to other programs. There is no industry standard on this. Usually just dumb-solid geometry can be transferred to .obj, .step, or DAZ studio software and other such 3d formats. If you really want to do so, best way is probably to do the geometry transfer, then use whatever program you are transferring into to re-apply the textures. You should be able to use the same files you used in SolidWorks for the textures in the other software.


Basically learn how the other program you are using imports textures and surfaces, and use it.


Or if you are just trying to make good renders, use SolidWorks software. I forgot the name of the add-on that makes better renders than standard SolidWorks, but it does exist. Many sales people use it.

By: Steven Mills  Fri, 17 Feb 2017 22:21:41 GMT
Re: saving textures in other file formats

Thank you Steven

I think that's the only way I can transfer textures and decals to other software.
The SolidWorks addin is called PhotoView 360.
The other software that comes with SolidWorks is SolidWorks Visualize. It's a good hybrid rendering tool. It gives amazing photorealistic images and it also takes the textures and decals right from SolidWorks.


Many thanks,

Mohammed AlManzalawy

By: Mohammed Menzo  Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:26:59 GMT
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