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As designers, we're constantly expected to create products faster, better... cheaper. With design requirements continually getting more complex, we have to make sure we are using the right tools and the right technology to get our jobs done. SOLIDWORKS Simulation allows you to gain valuable insights into the performance of your designs to optimize and refine your geometry early in the design process. The lessons in this short learning path introduces you to the SOLIDWORKS simulation process in 4 steps: o Simplifying Geometry: An essential step in FEA simulation to reduce the scope of the analysis and target required results o Material Selection: Take a look into the SOLIDWORKS Material Database to understand how to define materials and even create new materials from scratch o Physical Working Conditions: Add Boundary Conditions to your Simulation Model to simulate the realistic loading and fixture environment of your parts and assemblies o Reviewing Results and Driving a Design Change: Use Simulation results to drive a design change to create a stronger and lighter design. After completing these lessons, we challenge you to try SOLIDWORKS Simulation on your own, and improve your designs by having a deeper insight into their real world behavior.
1 year ago