The Evolution of Online Shopping It wasn’t long ago that the idea of purchasing products online was a scary, if not completely foreign concept to most of us. If you planned on making any type of specialty purchase, it started with checking the yellow pages or asking a friendly neighbor for a recommendation for a local shop, and then heading out for a scavenger hunt to attempt to become a more knowledgeable consumer. What used to be near impossible for the consumer to acquire GOOD information and
5 days ago
Reverse Engineer Modeled Parts FeatureWorks How Stuff FeatureWorks, Part II Part 2: Interactive Recognition Prerequisite, Part 1: Automatic Recognition So now that we know a bit more about FeatureWorks, lets look at how we can make it work around our own ideas and design intent. Here you can see that I’ve inserted the same part as before in an assembly. Notice that that the position of the mounting tab falls off the weldment. Lets see how we can use FeatureWorks to deconstruct and rebuild this
3 years ago
Sometime you wish you could have your company logo in 3D but not just in 3D but animated. SOLIDWORKS has a the power to deliver your vision!
4 years ago