In diesem Video Tutorial zeigen wir, die DPS Software GmbH, Ihnen wie Sie mit SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 Client verwaltete Dokumente auch mobil verfügbar machen können. Das datenbankbasierte SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional bietet dazu neben der Windows-Explorer Integration einen mobilen Zugang in Form eines Web-Interfaces namens Web2 an. Der Zugriff kann dadurch über alle gängigen mobilen Endgeräte erfolgen. Welche Vorteile bietet Ihnen der SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 Client?
7 months ago
SOLIDWORKS eDrawingsには、後工程で情報を可視化する機能をサポートする多彩な機能拡張があります。 【構成部品の注記】 構成部品の注記が構成部品タブに表示され、アセンブリの構造を把握しやすくなります。ツールチップには、注記と構造部品名が表示されます。 【モデルの操作性】 モデルを縮小表示すると、画面の中心ではなくモデルの中心が回転軸になります。
1 year ago
As an engineer or designer, software typically comes with a cost—either in terms of the actual cost of buying it or in terms of the time investment you must make in order to successfully deploy it and integrate it into your product development processes. Did you know, however, that there are some very useful SOLIDWORKS tools that cost you absolutely nothing beyond creating an account? There’s even more good news. In addition to not being budget-busting, these tools are also easy to learn and use
1 year ago
Colaboração, colaboração e mais colaboração. Assim se resume a versão 2017 do SOLIDWORKS eDrawings, a ferramenta que possibilita a todos realizar a visualização de arquivos sem custo e (obviamente) a colaboração entre departamentos de sua empresa ou até mesmo com fornecedores e clientes. Além de um aumento significativo de desempenho na abertura, manipulação e trabalho com modelos de todos os tamanhos, o eDrawings 2017 suporta agora a abertura de arquivos nativos Autodesk Inventor, PTC Creo,
2 years ago