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The September 2018 upgrade to 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform brings with it new features and enhancements that are now available to all SOLIDWORKS xDesign users. The xDesign upgrade focused on bringing new features along with several productivity and usability enhancements. Here is the list: 1. All features now support External references.
5 months ago
Recently I was attending a SOLIDWORKS User Group Summit and people asked me “So xDesign is CAD on the cloud?” This question always makes me smile because SOLIDWORKS xDesign is beyond being just a browser-based online 3D CAD. Yes, you do get innovative 3D CAD capabilities, yes, everything runs in the browser, yes, on any device, yes, you can start using it right away (without installing any software), yes, you are always running the latest version, yes, you never need to install software updates
8 months ago
While we were in Milan, I had an opportunity to talk to the contestants who participated in the SOLIDWORKS xDesign hackathon. His design tackles “moving in a sustainable world.” Can you tell me about yourself? My Name is Kevin Loeppke, I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.
9 months ago