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Hurry to submit your ideas to the Top Ten List

There isn’t much time left to submit your ideas to the SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten List. December 15, 2016 is the end for new idea submissions. The next day is when  voting on all ideas begins. So by the time you read this, it may already be voting time. With more than 600 ideas posted by the community, you have plenty to choose from. So vote HERE.

The SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten List is YOUR wish list: More than 90% of the enhancements in SOLIDWORKS are directly requested by customers. This is your chance to have your voice heard. You are likely to see your idea or one you voted for in a future release of SOLIDWORKS, as that was the case for the vast majority of ideas on the Top Ten List in past years.

Let the ideas… Begin! Submit them HERE.
  • December 15, 2016 is the end for new idea submissions.
  • December 16, 2016 voting on all ideas begins.
  • January 20, 2017 voting ends.


New in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017: pass mark information between connected objects

By Megan Duane

In SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017, there is a new tool called Propagate Data to Connected Objects. The tool allows you to now pass mark information between connected objects, such as applying component details as wire marks.  This is useful for scenarios where you want wires and components to share a mark.  We frequently saw requests to use the PLC addresses as wire marks and this tool now makes this easy and fast to implement.

To begin, click Propagate data to connected objects from the Process tab.


The first step is to select the scope that the propagation will be applied to.  Note you can apply it to the whole project or just a selection of schemes, giving you flexibility to modify across the project or make granular adjustments.


Once you have the scope set, set up the propagation rule using Add propagation.


The rule allows us to define the source data and where this data will be applied.  The object selected as the source and destination define what variables are available in the data section.

The final rule set up will look similar to the following screenshot:


Be sure to activate the Update wire marks and the Update terminal marks options to automatically apply the rule.  If you do not select one of these options, you will need to use the ‘Update mark’ command to see the data propagate.

Click OK to complete and apply the propagation.

Service Pack News

SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP1.0 has been released.

See the list of fixed SPRs here.

Simulation Step-Up Series

Last month, Ramesh wrapped up the topic of Connectors. This month, Yannick Chaigneau takes on another important topic: material properties.

Next month, Ramesh will come back to discuss Contact Modeling.

Noteworthy Solutions from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base

icon - SW Where can I find additional information about the  SOLIDWORKS® Visualize 2017 SP0.0 and SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost 2017 SP0.0 software?
The documentation attached to Solution Id: S-071802 contains more information about the SOLIDWORKS® Visualize 2017 SP0.0 software and the SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost 2017 SP0.0 software.
This article provides information on new features and capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Visualize included with SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP0. It describes changes to licensing, prerequisites and system requirements, and how to install Visualize with the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager (SLDIM). It also discusses how to install, configure and use Visualize Boost, a service that allows you to distribute rendering across a cluster of computers on your network. It then presents the new features in more detail.
This information became available in the SOLIDWORKS Help effective with the SP1.0 release.

icon - SW What file formats and versions does 3D Interconnect support?
3D Interconnect supports the following file formats and versions:
– .CATPart
– .CATProduct for V5R8 – 5–6R2016
Note: CATIA support is only available with SOLIDWORKS® Premium starting with SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP0.

Autodesk® Inventor®:
– .ipt for V6 – V2016
– .iam for V11 – V2016 (you do not need Autodesk Inventor View to import Inventor files)

– .prt
– .prt.*
– .asm
– .asm.* for Pro/ENGINEER® 16 – Creo® 3.0

Solid Edge®:
– .par
– .asm
– .psm for V18 – ST8

NX™ software:
– .prt for UG 11 – NX 10

– In the SOLIDWORKS 2017 PR1 release, you must already own a legacy CATIA V5-SOLIDWORKS Translator license to import CATIA V5 files.
– In the SOLIDWORKS 2017 release, 3D Interconnect does not support neutral formats such as STEP and IGES files.
From Solution Id: S-071895.

icon - SW Why can I not activate the SOLIDWORKS® Visualize 2016 software with my SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License (SNL) serial number?
You can activate the SOLIDWORKS® Visualize 2016 software with a qualifying SolidNetWork License (SNL) serial number. However, in some situations you might see an error advising that you have exceeded the activation count available for your serial number. You may also see the error ‘An error occurred validating the SOLIDWORKS Serial Number. Please contact support’.
To resolve this issue, see Solution Id: S-071848.

Icon - EPDM Does the SOLIDWORKS® PDM Standard software support custom API add-ins, standalone API applications or any of the SOLIDWORKS® PDM migration and upgrade tools?
The SOLIDWORKS® PDM Standard software does not have any API customization support. This includes any form of API code, both when using an add-in and a standalone application. Any API application that tries to access a SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard file vault using API methods will fail to log in. The log in attempt may result in the error ‘E_EDM_STANDARD_APINOTSUPPORTED’. This indicates that there is not support for the API.
For more information, read Solution Id: S-072007.

Icon - EPDM How can I improve the performance of a SOLIDWORKS® PDM Standard computer that hosts multiple vaults?
Performance of the SOLIDWORKS® PDM Standard software depends on the performance of the Microsoft® SQL Server Express database software. If you have multiple vaults and experience sluggish performance, try separating the vaults into multiple SQL Server Express instances.
For more information, read Solution Id: S-072148.

icon - Simulation Is there a sample model that shows “gas assist” injection in a second or different gate location in the SOLIDWORKS® Plastics software??
Yes. You can find an example of a gas assist injection-molded part attached to Solution ID: S-072222. The part has one gate location for the injection of a plastic material and a second gate location for the injection of the gas.

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