Solution ID: S-066335
Area: Installation and Licensing
Sub-Area: SolidNetWork License
Question: What may cause a SOLIDWORKS® installation to fail with a Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Applications (VSTA) return code of 1?
Answer: The entries from the SOLIDWORKS® Installation Manager log for this issue are shown below: WIDll_Vsta exe:C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\vsta.exe args:/hostid SolidWorks_VSTA /setup /Log "C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp\vsta_setup.log" "SW MSG: WIDll_Vsta return code:1" In the application event log, there is an associated 'VSTA.exe' error. In one case, the prerequisite installation of VSTA was found to be faulty. The resolution for this case was to 1. Uninstall Microsoft® Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Applications. 2. Restart your computer. 3. Run the installation of VSTA as an administrator \PreReqs\VSTA\vsta_aide.msi 4. Re-run the SOLIDWORKS installation. If you encounter further difficulties, then please contact your local technical support representative and be ready to provide your Installation Manager log files. keyword: im_Microsoft_VSTA
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