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 crazy critical low memory error
Tom Mathieson   |  12 days ago
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hi All,

i am having an awful time with this memory error that keeps poping up not matter what file i have open in Solidworks 2017, no matter how big or how small... i have searched the Web and done all the things i can find...

- 16G of physical Ram

- virtual memory increase to max value 

- GDI objects increased to max, 16384

- nvida cetrified graphic card with 4G of memory

-SW resource monitor error banners turned off

- no other major software running, only outlook, web browser

and the stupid thing keeps popping this warning up!! it never crashes, just keeps flashing 'critical low on memory' warning. when I check Task manager after getting the warning, there is still 5 G of physical memory available, and SW is only using 1,500 GDI objects. so why does this keep popping up? 

it's like your car low gas light coming on when you know you have 1/2 a tank left... but you still worry that you might run out! what a pain!! 

any help would be much appreciated



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