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 issues uploading cable route to pdmworks
Solidworks Forum   |  13 years ago
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All you need is a SOLIDWORKS ID, or a new or existing 3DEXPERIENCE ID.

hello, i am having an issue loading a cable route that icreated in to pdmworks. i created a cable with a bend in it thatgets bent at assembly. in the same cable route, i created anotherroute using the same sketch profile except instead of a bend i madeit straight. that way the drawing will show it straight to get madeand put on the shelf. then the bent profile is on my assemblyshowing howto bend at assembly.

so, my issue is that after creating the two routs in the same fileit will not load into pdmworks. it give me an error while trying tosend file to pdmworks "unable to write custom properties to thefile "company p/n", please make sure that the file is not beingused by another program.

this error makes no sense to me since i am the only one thatcreated it and no other parts are currently open in my sw session.

any ideas?

thanks, jeffSolidworksRouting

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