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 Incorporating your valuable UX feedback
Manish KUMAR   |  1 month ago
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All you need is a SOLIDWORKS ID, or a new or existing 3DEXPERIENCE ID.

Last month we listened to all your comments and feedback regarding the new forum.

I am going to take this opportunity to provide you with some information on what is going on, and most importantly what to expect in future.

If I try to categorize your feedback in broad areas, this is how I would do it -

  1. Need to browse posts efficiently with optimal use of screen space
  2. Need to sort based on trending topics as well, on top of sorting based on creation of the topic or recent content.
  3. Need ability to go through comments easily, minimizing number of clicks and knowing if the question was already answered in one of those comments.
  4. Need to find sub-topics easily plus ability to add new content as part of those sub-topics (aka Tags).
  5. Make it easier to search in a community
  6. Ability to publish SW models to the community
  7. Resolving glitches like
    1. Hitting ‘Enter’ posts a comment rather than entering a new line
    2. Simplified access to Bookmarks
    3. Allow post creation without needing to be an author (today, one can ask questions, ideas, etc., but not post).
    4. Mouse cursor on content title

There have been other minor glitches that have been recorded for fixing them – thanks to you for reporting that.

To ensure we are going in the right direction, we are taking help of SWUGN leaders & SOLIDWORKS Champions. These leaders and champions are our advisors and vocal representatives of this community. I would sincerely thank them for taking time out of their busy schedule and providing us their valuable input in finalizing few of the proposals we have on the table now.

Here are some examples of what will come your way.

Please keep in mind that all these proposals may still go through changes and are subject to change before they become live on the forum.

In order to provide optimal use of screen space while giving ease of use in browsing for new content, in addition to content view and timeline view, we will provide to you a “Compact view”. When used, this option should appear as following in its final form.

This itself needs at least two sub-deliveries that will happen independently

  1. Compact view of posts
  2. Removal of right side view

We might deliver them independently (meaning, release functionality as soon as it is ready, rather than waiting for the complete solution).

To help with finding topics that may be of interest to you, in addition to sorting based on “Creation date” and “Latest contribution” a new sorting method “Trending” will be provided. When used, “Trending” order will put the post/question/media/wiki – with latest comment on top.

We plan a big set of enhancements in the comments section and it will be delivered to you over time. Though in short term our biggest priority is

  1. To move the comments below the post/question.
  2. Keep it expanded all the time, to ensure that you don’t answer something that was already answered, nor will you need to click on each sub thread to expand it.

Something simple that tripped a lot of members out there – in comments section, enter needs to add a new line, and not post the comment. 

Deliver easy access to your Bookmarks of your favorite articles, by going to your profile, rather than where it is today (drop down button next to the forum name itself).

Ability to publish and view SOLIDWORKS data on the community

Bugs pointed out will be tracked and fixed as well.

Some other big areas are still under active discussion. E.g., search in community, finding sub-topics/using tags in an easy way, applying existing tags in new content creation, etc. are going through some more rounds of changes, and hence I can’t share them yet.

Some of these enhancements/fixes are quite easy to fix (matter of weeks) and some of them need more time (matter of months). Though we will go through a continuous delivery approach and will deliver these changes as they become production ready, and will not let you wait for long.

You will keep on hearing back from us frequently.

Please continue to provide us with your valuable feedback, we really appreciate all your valuable comments.

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