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 Couple more PhotoView updates in Beta2
Ron BATES   |  11 年 前
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All you need is a 3DEXPERIENCE ID.

For PhotoView 360 users, Beta 2 includes a few new things worth mentioning.

New Appearances

We have added a handful of new appearances; 1 set was there in the standalone (thick glass appearances.   Some could be downloaded from Modo's PV 360 site (gemstones).  And the Solids are just generally useful if all you need is a diffuse surface.  no more having to apply a plastic and then turn off reflections, specularity, etc.  So again, we have THICK GLOSS glass appearances.  There's a THICK GLOSS category under glass now.  Please understand the size of your geometry directly affects how much of the glass you see through.  In the attached image referring to Thick Gloss, the sphere on the left is an 8 inch diameter ball and you'll see it is entirely black.  GEMSTONES are found under the Organic category.  And Solids are a folder themslves.  Attached a small video showing a render of them in various spots.

Render Output Size

On 64bit builds, the maximimum output render size has been increased to 20000 x 20000 (previously it was 11580 x 11580)


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