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 Can PDM open an excel file, populate cells with info from a different excel file data card, close file.
Erica Stringer   |  1 month ago
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All you need is a SOLIDWORKS ID, or a new or existing 3DEXPERIENCE ID.

We've been using the pdm to track the stage of a job by making a word doc titled with relevant job info. We have been sending this word doc through different state changes such as received, assigned, approval drawing sent.... PDM then writes this info to the data card so we can look at the data card and know when we received it, who it was assigned to & when ex. Another department (that doesn't use pdm) wants all this info in one place for all the jobs. We are planning on switching from word to excel docs mainly because my research says it works better when trying to write to the document.

I've got a template set up so we can right click, new order, fill out some boxes, and it will create an excel file with that info on the data card. I've got a dispatch set up that activates when a new order is added. It gets the latest version of my master file, checks it out, and opens it. The next step would be for it to write the information from the new order data card to the cells in the master file. I want it to do this every time a new order is added. I want it to find the next available row and write the information. Is there a relatively easy way to do this? I have a feeling the answer is no or is so convoluted it's not worth it, but doesn't hurt to ask I guess. 🤷

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