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 Solidworks weldment profiles - galvanizing cutouts
Damir Galic   |  1 month ago
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All you need is a SOLIDWORKS ID, or a new or existing 3DEXPERIENCE ID.

It would be nice if Soildworks was able to automate cut-outs at the end of tubes for hot dip zinc plating. The holes or triangle cutouts at the end of each profile should be rotatable, custom angle between each hole, different hole sizes on each end, pattern-able feature across multiple tubes of different lengths or ability to select tubes with the same holes. So it should work on round, square or rectangular tubes. This holes can be then cut out with laser.

Also option to create 4 (or multiple) holes on the bigger tube where the connecting tubes are then welded. So the holes are hidden. Also option to create a centre hole with the holes on the edge. Option to define how far from the edge holes are generated.

Basically it's standard EN ISO 14713-2


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