OK here is the thing Cadmould Essential is essentially free if you excuse the pun.


Now I have been using Cadmould essential for a few months now and it's relatively OK, you can get a fair bit of data to make some part and tooling decisions. You can even balance runners in multi-cavity tools - note this is not automated but manual never the less it can be done. Now it's free so you can excuse the odd annoyance in the software. But once you get to know the system it's pretty straight forward and quick.


From what I can see Solidworks plastics standard doesn't do much else other than run native within Solidworks???


So the question is here is there anything to be gained for me to purchase a seat of Solidworks plastics standard? Am I missing something big?

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Last comment By: Richard Gergely   Thu, 15 Mar 2018 21:27:22 GMT
Re: Solidworks Plastics Standard vs Cadmould Essential

Hello Richard


I have reviewed their web site, they offer the software for one year free, there is a license issued after load the software and provide the request ID, do you know what happens after a year, Are you required to purchase the software....have you used it more than a year? Thanks in advance for your reply.

By: Mel Kolodechik  Tue, 13 Mar 2018 20:16:31 GMT
Re: Solidworks Plastics Standard vs Cadmould Essential

Hello Mel


I believe after a year it's renewed for free again but as with most software they cover there backs with a lot of legal/terms that if they wish they can get out of it. Nothing really new there.


I have been using it from the start of this year, so not over a year yet. Therefore can't comment exactly how smooth the renewal goes yet.


There isn't a huge amount of docs with it, but watching the videos and a little time reading up gets you going and some reasonable data from what you are doing can be extracted.


Can take a little time to get a response from initial contact request for the software - it's not automated. Someone goes through the applicants. Though once the software is loaded getting the actual product code linked to my computer was fast enough.


The good thing is yes I get the odd e-mail from them about their services but it's only every couple of weeks not like everyday.

By: Richard Gergely  Thu, 15 Mar 2018 21:27:22 GMT
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