Sketch Pattern Rebuilding
6 months ago

I may need to provide context for this question (example part file etc) but I will post this as a quick question first to see if I'm just doing something Stoopid.


I am doing a lot of stair railings at the moment (2 stair cores of about 12 flights each), and our Field measurements are giving us a lot of variation in the concrete work. So here I am looking for a way to make a parametric model of stairs that will adjust for different Riser/Tread configurations.


Now my current working paradigm uses sketches as the root of everything - all mates are to sketch entities and planes, extrudes are (often) to sketch veritices. My features usually use a lot of  sketch elements converted from "master" sketches which have all my dimensions. Don't know if  this is "best practice" but it seems to help me avoid rebuild / assembly errors due to changes in parts.

Because of this I would like to be able to make a sketch outline of steps that will adjust with varying dimensionsal configurations.


I've done a lot of work so far with this - however I am having a heck of a time because I am finding that my sketch patterns are updating only after I open the sketch, RMB on pattern entity, and select "edit linear pattern". Then I can see the yellow preview lines have adjusted to new dimensions. I close out of the property manager and the geometry is correct.


However this is useless to me if I have mutliple configurations, because each time I switch configurations I have to go back and re-edit the linear sketch patterns.


1) Is it normal for sketch patterns to rebuild only after you edit the sketch pattern. Or can I change a setting to change this behavior.

2) Alternately, Can I use a feature pattern? I briefly tried to attempt something using reference "points" and axes but they don't seem to be pattern-able.


Again, I can provide some example file but I'll have to make a new one since my "working" file is pretty convoluted.


Thanks very much!

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Last comment By: Marshall Wilson   Wed, 14 Feb 2018 01:43:15 GMT
Re: Sketch Pattern Rebuilding

In past I have used surfaces for top down skeleton geometry (this is normal way in Pro-e).

Advantages over planes/sketch geometry is that it is a lot easier to see and understand than a myriad of planes(and you can pattern surfaces).

The downside of doing this in Solidworks is that there is no easy way to hide all the surfaces in assembly, there needs to be an option here:



The only way I have found is to use display states linked to configurations, but IMO display states are too flaky and unreliable to be useful.

By: Ian McLean  Wed, 14 Feb 2018 00:03:25 GMT
Re: Sketch Pattern Rebuilding

Interesting Ian; I had not thought to use surfaces as references. Despite the downside you point out I will look at this. And I agree - Display states are way too unreliable. I used them a long while ago for a job and had so many problems with them in my drawings that I've not used them since.

By: Marshall Wilson  Wed, 14 Feb 2018 00:26:37 GMT
Re: Sketch Pattern Rebuilding

Hi Marshall,

Have a look on system options --> performance

By: Swapnil Dhake  Wed, 14 Feb 2018 00:48:56 GMT
Re: Sketch Pattern Rebuilding

Thanks Swapnil for the suggestion. I don't have the "Suspend automatic rebuild" activated, but now that you've pointed it out to me, Now I know it is there!



By: Marshall Wilson  Wed, 14 Feb 2018 01:43:15 GMT
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