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Guys Im in much need here - & URGENTLY PLEASE HELP


I have been asked by one of my clients to get another user to work from their offices 90% of the time. I work from home 90% of the time & my server (data storage with windows 10) is also at home. in the past i used windows sync feature to have a local copy of my work when i went to clients.


How can we both have access to the same storage from different sites. (Keep in mind i have other clients aswell that we both will attend to)


I have not been using PDM for the last couple of years and PDM Standard sounds good at this stage and want to implement it as well now if at all possible. my VAR has said the only way I can do this is via PDM enterprise my problem is it is too costly as this is the only feature i need from enterprise PDM. and for a very small company like myself its just not feasible.


Also products like frame and AWS are affordable, but south africa's infrastructure is not quite what it should be at this stage. my lowest latency was to Germany @ 270m.s so not the answer either.


All options & input will be greatly appreciated.


P.S i am setting up this guy over the weekend but I have no clue what i am going to do at this stage.

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Last comment By: Johnathan Kearney   Fri, 02 Feb 2018 14:31:22 GMT
Re: Multi User & Multi Location on PDM Standard

PDM Standard doesn't have any replication capabilities, although you can have users gain access to it through a VPN. You'll just be hampered by the internet speeds through VPN when checking documents in/out. Once you have them checked out, you can disconnect and Work Off-line (local).


There's always the Dropbox type route as well. I'm sure others in your own situation will chime in with what they've been able to do.

By: Steve Ostrovsky  Thu, 11 Jan 2018 19:44:02 GMT
Re: Multi User & Multi Location on PDM Standard

Thanks Steve, I cant wait for them to Chime in. 


I dont understand much of all this, but why can i not place another server for the new guy and do replication between the 2 "servers" I see there is SQL replication and also Microsoft has replication.


Thanks again Guys.

By: Johnathan Kearney  Fri, 12 Jan 2018 14:27:52 GMT
Re: Multi User & Multi Location on PDM Standard

PDM Standard doesn't offer any type of replication. PDM Standard runs on top of SQL Server Express. To do SQL replication with SolidWorks PDM, you have to have PDM Pro + SQL Enterprise which is a little more than you'll want to spend.

By: Steve Ostrovsky  Fri, 12 Jan 2018 14:34:04 GMT
Re: Multi User & Multi Location on PDM Standard

Our IT guy was hesitant to setup PDM Standard without support from our VAR.  The VAR's quote was for thousands of dollars.  So, for about the same money we are going with DDM, instead.  It is a lot cheaper than PDM Pro, and may do what you need, and more.

Though, there is one caveat.  I can't actually endorse it, yet because I haven't used it yet.  But others on this forum seem to be happy with it.

In your case, you could set up SQL server express on your pc with the Vault on you PC, and allow net access to others...At least that's how it would work in my brain.

Here's the website:

By: Matt Peneguy  Fri, 12 Jan 2018 14:38:18 GMT
Re: Multi User & Multi Location on PDM Standard

Thanks Steve, jip they just want me to take out the $$$$$ its too much. cant keep up. I have a Pro and a Premium license. but not going to add 2x PDM enterprise licenses just for the replication. well atleast thats all i think i need for my problem. :-)

By: Johnathan Kearney  Sat, 13 Jan 2018 04:07:44 GMT
Re: Multi User & Multi Location on PDM Standard

thanks Matt, will go check it out now. when you say allow net access you mean VPN? because the being on the LAN is not the problem its the VPM standard over web thats not being allowed. but will definately check it out.

By: Johnathan Kearney  Sat, 13 Jan 2018 04:10:23 GMT
Re: Multi User & Multi Location on PDM Standard

I'm speaking outside of my comfortable knowledge level because I'm not an IT guy.  So please don't take my understanding as fact.

Here's how I think it works.  You'd install the SQL Server Express on your computer.  That is where the Vault would reside with all your files in it.  You would separately set up a secure tunnel that would allow access to the Vault.  I don't know enough about what security options are available and how to use them, yet.  We are most concerned with working locally with DDM.

I don't think it is possible to remotely access PDM Standard.  If it is, I don't think it is "supported".  I believe that is one of the selling points to upgrade to PDM Pro.

By: Matt Peneguy  Fri, 19 Jan 2018 14:25:45 GMT
Re: Multi User & Multi Location on PDM Standard

Ok so I had a chat to someone else, he recons the best is to have PDM std on the other laptop as well with the exact same setup as my server. That way all the files are created correctly and then via the cloud we can just keep pthe server updated. so a bit of admin. but at this stage I think I might just take the server to the client that way there is the least amount of internet traffic. so not really a solution here. other than to say it cannot be done. thats why im giving steve the correct answer. thx guys.

By: Johnathan Kearney  Fri, 02 Feb 2018 14:31:22 GMT
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