I'm in the process to invest in a VDI solution and want some advise which NVidia card to buy. The M60 or the P40.

At the moment I have two suppliers and one is telling me the M60 is better for SolidWorks and the other is advertising with the P40.



What info do you need for making the best choice between the two cards?



With kind regards,

Maurice Lucas

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Last comment By: Alan Sweetenham   Wed, 22 Nov 2017 11:14:24 GMT
Re: SolidWorks with VDI on a Nvidia M60 vs P40

Hi Maurice


the P40 is essentially the replacement for hte M60 as far as i understand it is based on 1 generation newer NVIDIA Pascal Graphics technology and supports new features that are part of NVIDIA GRID 5.0. It will only be available in newer servers from my experience and has several advatages that i am aware of and probably more which might explain why one supplier is quoting each card.




- More memory per card 24GB vs 16GB  typically allows 4GB or more of dedicated memory per SOLIDWORKS user (you tend to run out of CPU cores before graphics as you can typically have 2 cards per server)

- Supports CUDA acceleration used by SOLIDWORKS Visualize

- General perfromance improvments by being based on the latest generation


the only disadvatage is a slight cost increase, also make sure you have " Quadro virtual data center workstation" licenses included in your budget. This is required for 3D programs such as SOLIDWORKS.


often with the M60 to get sufficient user density you had to compromise on dedicated graphics memory and got no acceleration in Visualize if you users are interested in that (much quicker than adding CPU cores.


Kind Regards



By: Alan Sweetenham  Wed, 22 Nov 2017 11:14:24 GMT
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