I have a rather large multibody part file that I am trying to set materials for. Last night working at home, I was able to set 4 of the bodies' materials to aluminum early on in the modelling process. Now that there are 16 bodies, the material option for bodies is not available in the right-click menu (see attached) on either my home computer or the one in the shop. The 4 original bodies are still set as aluminum, but I cannot change/remove this or add materials to the other bodies. Does anyone know how to get the material button back for my part and how to prevent it from leaving in the future?

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Last comment By: Jared Trotter   Thu, 21 Dec 2017 21:53:22 GMT
Re: Cannot set material by body in multibody part

Hi Chase,


Try making sure your feature manager tree is not rolled back. You cannot modify the material of a multibody part while the feature manager tree is in rollback state. When rolled back past features, the cut list items that result from those features are also unavailable. Therefore, it is not possible to automatically sort the cut list in this state.

Since the application of a material to a cut list body requires automatic sorting of the cut list, this functionality is disabled until the full cut list is available again

By: Logan Pegler  Thu, 14 Sep 2017 04:24:46 GMT
Re: Cannot set material by body in multibody part

I have same question, but am using SW2017, not sure what ver OP was using.


I have multi-body part (not a weldment, just parts inside of a part).

The tree is fully rolled to bottom (no suppressed features).

And I cannot find the option to assign material per body anywhere...  I feel like I'm just not seeing it somehow, it should be "right there".  Any suggestions?

Any input is appreciated.



Update:  Weird...I have the material per body option for bodies I created in this part file, but not for the original body I dragged/dropped into this (derived) part.  Is this because SW is pulling material from original (or disallowing new matl assignment in my new part)?

By: Brian Sweet  Thu, 26 Oct 2017 18:29:17 GMT
Re: Cannot set material by body in multibody part

Hi Brian,


If you have an active link to the original part, the body will assign the material according to the original part as far as I'm aware.

By: Alex Lachance  Thu, 26 Oct 2017 18:38:20 GMT
Re: Cannot set material by body in multibody part

Alex, thanks for super-fast reply.

By active link, do you mean "no question mark" at end of body/feature name in tree?

If yes, I did previously have question mark, it didn't allow matl assignment.

I opened the referenced part --> no question mark, still does not allow matl assignment to import body.

A quick work around was to assign the correct matl for the import body (wrong matl for the part I am creating), then reassign/override matl for the specific/new body I'm creating.  SW says tomato, I say potato...end result is the same.

By: Brian Sweet  Thu, 26 Oct 2017 18:47:37 GMT
Re: Cannot set material by body in multibody part

Active link means either a question mark, an arrow or a *. You can break the link by right clicking on the part in the feature tree, going to ''external references'' and breaking the link from there. Once the link is broken, it cannot be reassigned so make sure you've got what you want before breaking it.


Either that or you could go to the original part and assign the material to the body. The material should then be transfered to your derived part.


Edit: I forgot to tell you, you can actually break the link before inserting the part, you just need to check the proper box on the lower part of your feature tree while doing the insert part command, but before positionning the part.

By: Alex Lachance  Thu, 26 Oct 2017 18:56:10 GMT
Re: Cannot set material by body in multibody part

Got it, again, thanks for the info, very helpful!

By: Brian Sweet  Thu, 26 Oct 2017 19:17:10 GMT
Re: Cannot set material by body in multibody part

Is the model rolled back in the feature tree? If so, try rolling to the end and see if the option to add material to the bodies comes back.

By: Jared Trotter  Thu, 21 Dec 2017 21:53:22 GMT
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