I have made a model with a folding mechanism like we see in an umbrella.

I have also used advance mates for applying constraints to the motion.


I need to to simulate all the simulations that can happen either in animation or in 3d.


While I was trying, I could only do maximum one motion of rotating the arm and I am not able to proceed any further as no other components are accessible afterwards.


I am very new to the motion study.


I am attaching my model here, as well as the closed and open position of the model.


It would be great help if someone could help in animating the motion from closed position to open position.



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Last comment By: Amit Nara   Thu, 14 Sep 2017 05:15:28 GMT
Re: Foldable Crane Like Mechanism in motion study Not Working

1. Move time bar to end (if animation is of 5 sec, move time bar to 5 sec).

2. Then adjust your parts as shown in N mast open.(It will store position and color of parts at that time)

3. Calculate

Hope this helps you.

You can also create multiple keys

By: Amit Nara  Thu, 14 Sep 2017 05:15:28 GMT
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