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Title: 35BK-05L
Description: Material: Die Cast Zinc Finish: Powder Coat, Matte Black Type: Non-locking Shaft Style: Threaded Mounting: Blind Features: Non-locking with counterclockwise rotation handle. Easy installation, only requiring a round hole for the shaft collar, and kept in place using two mounting screws. Mounting accessories included. Pawl or cam can be used for single, two-point or three-point latching. Handle is blind mount, which offers a clean look with concealed mounting screws. This product is patented by SPEP. Industries: Electronic Enclosures HVAC Sheds Truck / Trailer Categories: PRODUCTS / HANDLES / L HANDLES Catalog Page: View Here Datasheet: Dimensioned Drawing L-HANDLE, NON LOCKING, MATTE BLACK POWDER COATED, 1.50" C-C, 90 DEG CCW ROTATION, BLIND MOUNT, 1.75" SHAFT, 3/8-24 THD, KEPS NUT, AND MOUNTING SCREWS, C22 LONG CAM, .63" - 1.25" GRIP
Catalog: Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products
Categories: Handles, Hardware
Added on: 13 Jul, 2018
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