M3 - Universal Optical Encoder
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Title: M3 - Universal Optical Encoder
Description: M3 Universal Optical Encoder Universal Optical Encoder, Mill Duty Available with 5/8" Solid Shaft or 5/8" - 2-3/8" or 16mm-61mm Hollow Shaft, End or Through Shaft Mount Shaft Grounding Option Standard resolutions of 80-2500 pulses per revolution Many connector or cable length choices for easy replacement of existing encoders, pin compatible with existing cable plugs Many tether hardware options for motor and roll shaft applications Shaft adapters available for many popular brand motors Clean, crisp square wave outputs in quadrature with marker pulse standard No glass disks to break. Only metal disks are used for durability Phase C divide by 4 output (phase C and /C) for use with small counters and displays-no second output necessary! Foot Mount Option for solid shaft version HTL & TTL line driver options Many special options available to customize the encoder to your application, such as special tether hardware, etc. The M3 Universal Optical Encoder was introduced to make it easy to get an encoder on a motor or roll shaft even if it was not designed with an accessory shaft/mount. The clean signals coupled with time tested performance make the M3 an easy choice in applications where ambient conditions are controlled but there may be occasional dust or occasional condensation. Two Foot Mounting brackets are offered to take advantage of drilled holes used with older Avtron Classic Optical Encoders, analog tachogenerators, and competitor's foot mounted encoders. A truly universal design to make your life easier when applying an encoder to your applications. View Complete Catalog
Catalog: Avtron Industrial Automation, Inc.
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Added on: 16 May, 2018
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