AV125 - SMARTach II Encoder
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Title: AV125 - SMARTach II Encoder
Description: AV125 SMARTach II Encoder Fits AC & DC motors with 12.5" C face and 11" bolt circle Thin, compact style, great for brake or gear motors as a sandwiched encoder Standard resolutions from 60-4096 pulses per revolution-an industry first for a magnetic encoder! No bearings or couplings to fail, two piece design for easy, no hassle, installations Set Screw Rotor Mount for through shaft mounted applications up to 7.875" shaft diameter Standard Operating Temperature Range of -40C to +100C Fully Potted Electronics for Heavy, Mill-duty environments, field replaceable sensors for fast service 165kHz Output with HTL or TTL Line Driver with short circuit/miswire protection on all lines!! 0.050" Wide-Gap Sensors with +/-0.100" Axial Shaft End Play tolerance without losing the signals!! Diagnostic LED on each sensor for fast troubleshooting to prevent unnecessary encoder replacements No other encoder on the market beats the SMARTach II Series encoders in robustness or reliability. It's wide operating temperature range coupled with protected electronics, robust housing design with no bearings or couplings to worry about, and wide-gap sensor technology yields an installation that performs year after year without attention. The wide-gap sensor technology prevents contaminates from grinding against the sensor, and prevents worn motor bearings from grinding the rotor into the sensor. The wide gap also means no more sensor adjustments! Large radial and axial movement tolerance means no signal losses even during a sudden load change on the motor! View Complete Catalog
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