Parametric Manufacturing

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Parametric Manufacturing wants to be a partner you can trust with all of your production CNC Machining, Wire EDM and prototyping needs; we’ll do everything we can to earn your business and loyalty. What We Offer: CNC Milling and Turning, Wire EDM, Pre/Post Material Treatments, finishing, coatings, paint, anodize, prototype and production. We will assemble and package your parts to your specifications. Why Choose Us? Our loyal customers know we can machine parts other shops can’t, and at a reasonable price. We are easy to work with, our quality is top-notch and we respond to RFQs within 24 hours. Our Philosophy: Our motto is: Never let a part kick your ass. No matter how difficult or complex it is, we will succeed in CNC machining your parts. No matter what the cost to us, we will always honor the quoted price.

Country: United States
State/Province: California
ZIP Code/Postal Code: 95054
Year Established: 2005
Employees: 1-25
Categories/Processes:CNC Machining
Milling3-Axis , Milling4-Axis , Drilling-Deep Hole , Turning2-Axis , Turning-Mill/Turn , EDM-Wire , Grinding , Milling-Plastics , Milling-Metals
Phone: 408-654-9845
Certification: 5S Lean Facilities