KonSult Services, LLC

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A turn key Engineering, Design and Contract manufacturing house. We provide circuit design, PCB layout and packaging of such assemblies in many harsh environments e.g., high vacuum and high g. We've been actively employing PADS Power PCB since 1990 and SolidWorks since 1997. KonSult Services has experience designing products with rapid prototype, precious, composites and traditional materials for use as prototypes or in field applications. (Marine, Avionic, Space, Automotive, Industrial, Bio, Semi, Commercial)

Country: United States
State/Province: New York
ZIP Code/Postal Code: 12866
Year Established: 1989
Employees: 1-25
Categories/Processes:CNC Machining
Cutting-Waterjet , Cutting-Laser , EDM-Wire , EDM-Sinker , Grinding , Milling-Metals
Sheet Metal
Bending-Press Brake , Punching , Cutting-Waterjet , Cutting-Laser , Finishing-Painting , Finishing-Powder Coat , Finishing-Anodizing , Finishing-Chemical Etch , Welding , Grinding , Assembly
3D Printing
Fused Deposition Modeling(FDM) , Stereolithography(SLA) , Selective Laser Sintering(SLS) , Polymer Jet , Direct Metal Laser Sintering
Website: www.konsultservices.com  
Phone: 518-583-1076
Certification: CSWP