Epic Technologies, LLC.

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Epic Technologies is a full service Engineering team dedicated to helping our customers improve their products while reducing costs by utilizing our creative Engineering design talent along with the latest SolidWorks CAD program. We meet critical OEM product manufacturing requirements by representing over 30 quality manufacturers of Plastic, Rubber, Metal, and Electronic OEM Custom Products, each one excelling in their specialized field of fabrication. Our manufacturing sources supply components and services to many Fortune 500 Companies and established OEM Industries. Most of the companies we represent have been certified to the latest ISO standards, or operating under ISO guidelines. Plastics - Plastic Injection, Insert Molding, Rotational and Structural Foam Molding, Plastic Extrusions, Composite Pultrusions, Vacuum Forming, Fabrication and Machining of Plastic Materials. Urethane Rubber - Cast, Injection, Compression, and Transfer Molding, Insert and Metal-to-Rubber Bonding. Metal - Metal Castings, Forgings, Extrusions, Stampings, Four-Slide Wire Forms, Hydro-forming, Metal Spinning, Metal Injection Molding (MIM),CNC Mill & Lathe Machining, Laser & Water-Jet Cutting, and Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication. Medical Device & Assemblies - Precision Medical Stampings & Tube Formings, Assembly of Medical Devices in Clean Room Environment. Electronics - Design, Prototyping & Production of Custom Electronic Systems and Custom Cable Assemblies.

Country: United States
State/Province: New Jersey
ZIP Code/Postal Code:
Year Established: 1999
Employees: 1-25
Categories/Processes:CNC Machining
Milling3-Axis , Milling5-Axis , Turning2-Axis , Turning-Multiaxis , Turning-Mill/Turn , Cutting-Waterjet , Cutting-Laser , Cutting-Plasma , EDM-Wire , EDM-Sinker , Routing , Grinding , Swiss-Style Screw Machining , Milling-Plastics , Milling-Metals
Plastic Injection Molding , Metal Injection Molding , Die Casting , Molded Inserts , Micromolding
Sheet Metal
Bending-Press Brake , Forming-Turret Press , Forming-Stamping , Forming-Spinning , Forming-Progressive Die , Forming-Deep Draw , Forming-Rolling , Punching , Cutting-Waterjet , Cutting-Laser , Cutting-Plasma , Finishing-Painting , Finishing-Powder Coat , Finishing-Plating , Finishing-Anodizing , Welding , Grinding , Assembly
3D Printing
Fused Deposition Modeling(FDM) , Stereolithography(SLA) , Selective Laser Sintering(SLS) , Polymer Jet , Bonded Powder
Website: www.epictech.net  
Phone: 908-431-1221
Certification: ISO Certified 9001:2000, 13485, 14001, 9001, 16949, AS9100