Dinsmore & Associates, Inc.

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We??re the people to call when you??ve created a new product and must get it to the marketplace before your competitors do. Or when you??re in the early stages of design and need to try several variations on a prototype, and do it quickly. Or even when you don??t have an engineering or design department, and want our experienced team to serve as your own. 3D printing is an amazing technology, and a very specialized and intricate one as well. Here at Dinsmore we have engineers from all disciplines ?? industrial, electrical and mechanical ?? and designers on both the artistic and industrial sides, who have made this their specialty. We can create the product you envision, or offer guidance on what you??ve already developed ?? from conception to launch.

Country: United States
State/Province: California
ZIP Code/Postal Code:
Year Established: 2001
Employees: 25-50
Categories/Processes:CNC Machining
Milling3-Axis , EDM-Wire
Plastic Injection Molding , Liquid Silicone Injection Molding , Molded Inserts
Sheet Metal
Bending-Press Brake , Cutting-Laser
3D Printing
Fused Deposition Modeling(FDM) , Stereolithography(SLA) , Selective Laser Sintering(SLS) , Waxjet , Polymer Jet , Bonded Powder
Website: www.dinsmoreinc.com  
Phone: 7146417111