Proto Labs

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Proto Labs is the world 's fastest manufacturer of custom prototype and low-volume production parts. The company's proprietary software and automated systems translate 3D CAD models into instructions for high-speed manufacturing equipment to 3D print, CNC-machine and injection-mold parts in a matter of days. Their Fineline service can produce SL, SLS, and DMLS parts in 1 to 7 days. Its Firstcut service can mill from one to 200 metal and plastic parts in three days or less. For larger quantities, Protomold can produce up to 10,000+ parts made from a full menu of engineering-grade thermoplastic resins in less than 15 days. The catalyst is an automated quoting system that provides design analysis and pricing information within hours of uploading a 3D CAD model.

国名: United States
州/都道府県: Minnesota
設立年: 1999
従業員数: >500
カテゴリ/プロセス:CNC Machining
Milling3-Axis , Turning-Multiaxis , Turning-Mill/Turn
Plastic Injection Molding , Liquid Silicone Injection Molding , Metal Injection Molding
3D Printing
Stereolithography(SLA) , Selective Laser Sintering(SLS)
Web サイト:  
電話番号: 877-479-3680
認定: ISO 9001:2008 ITAR