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Using SW2009, I still have to doctor any radius dimensionwhere the text is outside the radius. The arrow is outside the radius as required but the annoying linefrom the radius to its centre is still present and every time Ihave to click the leaders tab and click the Open Leader icon to getrid of the inner line. Is there any way I can set it as a default to not show thisline?SolidworksDrawings And Detailing
15 lata temu
When making a part into 2D drawing how do I add the weight ofthe part. I have added the material in the part and thought that itthat it would automatically be added to the sheet. This alsoapplies to material, if I specify the material in the part, shouldthis not been shown in the sheet. I am new to Solidworks and cannotfind this information in the help files.
14 lata temu
I want to create a flange of OD 795mm ID 600 mm on a Shell plate, so I used Wrap Geometry (this is the way came in my mind to create it) but when I measure dimension it is bit sort of actual projection. Can anybody help me out in this ? in NX I used to offset Hole Curve of 600 mm with 195/2=97.5 mm then give thickness as per plate requirement. Uploaded Model for reference too.
4 lata temu
Hi Guys i have this part where i have added the top hole ......extruded it - placed the fillets on the edges (same as the others) and an trying to add the edge flange as shown in the picture when i try to do this i get a message about edged being tangent to straight edges and to be honest im unsure what on earth its saying anyone care to see if they can get this to work?? SolidworksDrawings And Detailing
3 lata temu