Creating and Logging in to your MySolidWorks for Students account

The log in page on MySolidWorks has a new look. Whether you are a new or returning student, use these tips to get started.

Logging In

Email address: Enter the email address for your SOLIDWORKS ID or 3DEXPERIENCE ID.

Password: Enter your password.

Tips for SOLIDWORKS IDs: Some people with SOLIDWORKS IDs may need to do one of these steps.

  • You may need to create a new password if you can’t remember it or if you are prompted to do so. This will be the password you use for logging into 3DEXPERIENCE log in screens.
  • You may need to create a new 3DEXPERIENCE ID using your SOLIDWORKS ID email address. It is important to use the same email for your 3DEXPERIENCE ID and your SOLIDWORKS ID – it is how we know it is you.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE IDs.

Creating a new 3DEXPERIENCE ID

If you do not have a SOLIDWORKS ID or a 3DEXPERIENCE ID, click the Create ID button and complete the form that appears.

If you get a message that your email address is already associated with another ID, click the Log In link at the bottom of the form. Reset your password if needed.

Create ID

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