Instructions to create your MySolidWorks for Students Account

You will create your account using the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.

Please read all the instructions below carefully and then click on the red "Create Account" button at this bottom of this page to get started. You can refer back to the instructions below as you move through the account creation process.

Watch this helpful video to walk you through the exact steps to create your account and register your SOLIDWORKS serial number.

1. Email and Account Type:

Enter your email address.

Important! You must select " I am not a SolidWorks customer or I do not have a SolidWorks Serial # " as shown in the visual below.

After you selected " I am not a SolidWorks customer or I do not have a SolidWorks Serial # ", click on the " Next > " button to continue.

Note: You will use your 9020 Serial Number after you have created and logged into your MySolidworks account. Do not enter it in the input field of "Serial #".

2. Company or Institution

  • Complete the input fields for:
    • Company or Institution
    • Address
    • City
    • Country
    • Postal Code
  • Click on the "Next >" button to continue.

3. Profile

  • Complete the required fields:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Password
    • Re-type Password
    • Read the Privacy Policy and " I have read and agreed to the Privacy Policy."
  • Click on the "Next >" button to continue.

4. Confirmation

  • You’re almost done creating the SOLIDWORKS online account needed to gain access to MySolidWorks for Students.
  • You will receive an email confirmation shortly.
  • Click on the link in the email to activate your SOLIDWORKS online account.
  • ATTENTION: Once you reach the page that says "Your Account Has Been Successfully Activated", please come back to this page and click on the blue "Log in to Register" button at the bottom of the page, or go to and log in via the link in the upper right side of the page.
I understand the process and I'm ready to create my account. Create Account
I successfully created an account or I already have an account.

Have a question or need help, please email us at: