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Fully Defined Sketch Sketch is a fully defined one but one of the dimension (I do not how to call it) is still blue color. What is the reason?
2 minutes ago
There seems to be no limit to the lengths SPAMing PHISHING Trolls will go. I got this as a private message... LOL
3 minutes ago
I have this block at my drawing in SolidWorks: When I do a 'save as dwg', it looks like this in the dwg:
9 minutes ago
SOLIDWORKS introduces every year a ton of enhancements. This year, in addition to focusing onONE and TWO, SOLIDWORKS 2018 proposes a series of BIG enhancements, that transcend the term "enhancement", being actually new products, or new environments like: SOLIDWORKS Manage, SOLIDWORKS CAM, Topology Optimization in Simulation Professional and Premium, or the new enhanced functionality for Mesh objects. What about the so called "small" enhancements, or what SOLIDWORKS calls "Delighters"?
19 minutes ago
I have become used to the task of selecting all dimensions when the drawing is "done" and moving them to the "FORMAT" layer so that they turn from gray to black. I am finally sick enough of this that I want to fix it and learn how to make my dimensions black as a default, and how to automatically put them on a "Dimensions" layer upon their creation. Why can I not find this info?
22 minutes ago
I have an assembly and I have removed a part, everything was fine until my coworker opened the assembly. I realized in my settings I had "treat missing mate references as errors" unchecked and he has his checked (Tools>options> system options>messages/errors/warnings). I looked into the issue and noticed the errors were from the part's MATES (three simple ones) I deleted (part). The mates were grayed out as if suppressed but the option to suppress each mate was available.
23 minutes ago