Different types of engineers typically work differently. Though electrical engineers work in a totally different way than mechanical engineers, today’s complex design projects require tighter integration between the two disciplines. As design is changing at a rapid pace, and products need to be developed quicker, disparate engineering teams MUST work closer together. One of the largest challenges our customers face is that the ways in which these teams save their data is very different.
1 month ago
Every year all resellers have a customer launch event where we showcase the new version of SOLIDWORKS. At Innova Systems we always try and add a little more value to the day by doing some breakout sessions on a number of different subjects. This year I was tasked with doing a “Tips & Tricks” session, which is normally very well attended. This often causes us a few issues, as things that we use on a daily basis, we don’t necessarily class as a tip or a trick.
3 years ago