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I have a rather large multibody part file that I am trying to set materials for. Last night working at home, I was able to set 4 of the bodies' materials to aluminum early on in the modelling process. Now that there are 16 bodies, the material option for bodies is not available in the right-click menu (see attached) on either my home computer or the one in the shop. The 4 original bodies are still set as aluminum, but I cannot change/remove this or add materials to the other bodies. Does anyone know how to get the material button back for my part and how to prevent it from leaving in the future?

Categories: Modeling and Assemblies, Parts and Features

Last comment By: Logan Pegler   Thu, 14 Sep 2017 04:24:46 GMT
Re: Cannot set material by body in multibody part

Hi Chase,


Try making sure your feature manager tree is not rolled back. You cannot modify the material of a multibody part while the feature manager tree is in rollback state. When rolled back past features, the cut list items that result from those features are also unavailable. Therefore, it is not possible to automatically sort the cut list in this state.

Since the application of a material to a cut list body requires automatic sorting of the cut list, this functionality is disabled until the full cut list is available again

By: Logan Pegler  Thu, 14 Sep 2017 04:24:46 GMT
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